Welcome to the Park Road Montessori Support Site!

"Our care of children should be governed...by the endeavor to keep burning within them the light which is called intelligence."
- Maria Montessori

This Park Road Montessori Support Site offers parents and staff an opportunity to know more about Montessori education and how to support your child both at school and at home. Montessori is education for life. I hope you’ll visit this site often, as articles will be added frequently.

Your child's teacher is your best source for information and assistance, so please contact him/her often when you have questions.

There are also several national websites which offer a wealth of information for parents:

The North American Montessori Association: http://www.montessori-namta.org/
The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI): http://www.montessori-ami.org/ and http://amiusa.org/
The American Montessori Society (AMS): http://www.amshq.org/

I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have at patrice.britz@cms.k12.nc.us**

Thank you,

Patrice Britz

Park Road Montessori Support Teacher

Educational Background:
National Board Certified Teacher, M.Ed,
Montessori Diplomas: 3-6 (AMS) and 6-12 (AMI),
MA Theatre, BA English/Drama/Philosophy

*Park Road Montessori is celebrating 20 Years as the first Public Montessori Magnet School in North Carolina!

*PRM is the winner of the Magnet School of Excellence Award for 2012!
The award program recognizes the top magnet schools in the United States that show a commitment to high academic standards, curriculum innovation, successful desegregation/diversity efforts, specialized teaching staffs, and parent and community involvement.

*PRM is a candidate for the National Blue Ribbon Award for 2012!
The Blue Ribbon Award honors public and private K-12 schools that are either academically superior in their states or that demonstrate dramatic gains in student achievement. Park Road was nominated by the North Carolina State Department of Education, as a "High Performing School, which are schools in the top 10 percent of all schools on state assessment scores in both reading (language arts or English) and mathematics, regardless of their demographics.

*Eight Park Road Montessori staff members were invited to speak with Sir Ken Robinson at the Foundations for the Carolinas Luncheon on Thursday, March 8, 2012.
Sir Ken Robinson, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in the development of education, creativity and innovation. He is also one of the world’s leading speakers with a profound impact on audiences everywhere. His book The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything (Penguin/Viking 2009) is a New York Times best seller.

*Parents: we need reading volunteers for our school!
There is a wonderful volunteer training for free offered by the St. Augustine Project and you are invited to contact them to learn more how to be an effective reading coach. Several of our Park Road children have been helped to learn to read fluently through the work of dedicated volunteers who have taken this training.
Please consider contacting them:
Augustine Project for Literacy St. Peter’s Episcopal Church 115 W. 7th Street Charlotte, NC 28209
Candace Armstrong, Director carmstrong@augustine.st-peters.org704-523-3868
Mission: To improve the reading, writing and spelling abilities of low income children and teens who struggle with literacy skills by providing free, long-term, one-on-one tutoring instruction.
Augustine Project trains and supports volunteer tutors who provide free, long-term, one-on-one instruction based on the Orton-Gillingham approach and Wilson Reading System© materials.

*Phil Dosmann, Principal of McDowell Montessori School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offered a special professional development classes to the teachers at Park Road Montessori on Friday, February 3rd. His wife, Shelley, who is also a Montessori trained teacher, offered classes to our staff as well. This opportunity, which was funded by the Park Road Parent/Teacher Organization, was so appreciated - thank you!!! A special thank you too goes to Monte Smith, owner of CAFE MONTE, who is generously provided lunch for our whole staff that day - please support this wonderful restaurant located near Phillips Place in the Southpark area (cafemonte.com).

*Trevor Eissler, author of Montessori Madness and the children's book: 4,962,571 spoke to the Park Road Montessori Community and friends. His presentation was video taped and should be available soon for check out in our Media Center for those who missed him!

Signed copies of his book are still available in the Park Road Office: Montessori Madness: $15.00 each or two for $25.00

Here's the great youtube video made by Trevor Eissler, a Montessori parent in California, that you'll enjoy: **

*South Charlotte Weekly article about PRM 20th anniversary
If you haven't read the recent article in South Charlotte Weekly about our school's 20th anniversary celebration, please take a moment to read.

Maria Montessori said in her last published work, The Formation of Man (1955/1962):
"It is possible to conceive a universal movement for human reconstruction which follows a single path: its sole aim is to help man preserve his balance, his psychic health, and build up a secure orientation in the present conditions of the outer world. In the light of this, education should be a social and human endeavor of interest to all. It must be based on psychology in order to safeguard the individuality of the child. It needs a syllabus which can give an understanding of the conditions of man in modern society, with a cosmic vision of history and the evolution of human life."

Montessori also said:
"...mankind can hope for a solution to its problems, among which the most urgent are those of peace and unity, only by turning its attention and energies to the discovery of the child and to the development of the great potentialities of the human personality in the course of its formation.”**

“Tell me, and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand.” -- Native American Saying