Activities of Independence and Belonging
Donna Bryant Goertz © 2007


The Child's Response to Her Personal Life: the care of self and own environment

Body -- bathing self, sponging up splashes, hanging towel, wringing and hanging cloth, replacing all toiletries before leaving bathroom

Clothing -- placing dirty clothes in basket in own room or in hamper in bathroom, hanging own wrap, folding and putting away own clean laundry

Making the Bed -- taking responsibility for one’s own place of sleep

Food -- helping prepare own lunch, cleaning out own lunchbox, setting table for dinner, selecting snack from snack menu, preparing own snack, sponging up a spill, rinsing and squeezing out sponge, brushing up table crumbs, sweeping up crumbs from floor

Toys and Materials -- replacing toys before going on to next activity, helping make decisions about what to keep available, what to store for rotation, what to put in the attic, what to give to charity


The Child's Valid Ownership of Family: contributing to the life of the community

Laundry -- sorting, folding, carrying to rooms, putting away

Meals -- helping set table, helping clear table, helping to prepare the meal, helping make grocery list, selecting menu

Cleaning -- sweeping porch, scrubbing sink, washing entry floor, collecting all wastebaskets

Decorating -- selecting flowers, choosing a vase, making the arrangement, placing the arrangement, changing pictures for rotation from supply, watering plants, cleaning leaves, removing dead leaves, changing pot pourri, choosing containers and deciding on their placement

Hosting -- helping with written or telephone invitations, writing guest list, planning entertainment,
planning activities, planning decorations or centerpiece, making corsages, helping plan menu, making place cards, serving appetizers.

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