Is the Montessori Program A Fit For You and Your Child?

Is the Montessori Montessori magnet program a fit for you and your child? To guide your decision, think deeply about these questions below. Does your child have these qualities and tendencies already? Do you support this and does your child exhibit these qualities in your home life? If so, Montessori education may be a good fit. If your child needs more adult direction and structure to choose, stay with and complete work, a more traditional educational approach may be a better fit for you and your child in order for your child to be successful.
Here are some qualities that will enable a child to be successful in a Montessori classroom setting:

Primary and Elementary Program (grades PreK-6)
1. Is your child an independent worker? Able to choose, stay with and complete a task without adult intervention throughout the process?
2. Is your child able to accept responsibility and follow through on his/her own without constant reminders?
3. Does your child follow directions?
4. Is your child able to focus on tasks for a period of time and not be occupied with things going on around him or her?
5. Does your child enjoy the exploration of new ideas and concepts?
6. Does your child enjoy working with and generally cooperate with peers?
7. Is your child respectful of his/her parents and other adults?
8. Is your child able to work without external rewards?
9. Does your child generally feel good about him/herself and have a happy disposition?

Middle School Program (grades 7-8) ...encompasses the questions listed above, as well as:
1. Did your child enjoy his or her elementary Montessori experience?
2. Is your child willing to work with his or her hands, as well as his or her brain?
3. Is your child highly inquisitive, always asking, “Why?” and “How?” and have the initiative to find answers to his/her questions?
4. Does your child work well with others, especially on complex assignments?
5. Is your child interested in working with the larger community?
6. Is your child motivated by learning, rather than by grades?

Additional questions to consider:
1. Am I ready to support a teacher and my child in a non-traditional approach to learning by following through with this approach at home and at school, and working cooperatively with my child's teacher each day?
2. Am I willing to be active in my child’s education by following the Montessori principles at home, and assisting the classroom and school when possible? Will I continue to learn about the Montessori approach through book studies and attending parent education opportunities?
3. Do I encourage my child to make choices and to take responsibility at home, and does he/she follow through by being helpful willingly?
4. Do I support the Montessori classroom organization that includes multi-age groupings (typically three age levels of students in one classroom)?
5. Do I support the Montessori belief in fostering a child’s self-reliance, responsibility, and independence? Do I support and foster this at home with my child?